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Thank you for your interest in performing with The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos (TRMOC). The performers themselves are known as......

The Brotherhood of Chaos (Registered Trademake of Chaos-Co.)
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A foreward from the Show Director:

People ask me what I look for in a performer. I want energy. I want personality. A costume alone doesn't do it. Tits only get you so far. You can't just stand there because your costume is right or you have a great set of boobs.

You have to fucking want to be out there working hard every fucking show.

You have to have passion. You have to take risks and challenge yourself and the audience.



The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos (TRMOC) is a very secret society based on the celebration of a sacred ritual known as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Due to the very limited number of positions, only select performers and crew receive an invitation to become a honored and esteemed member of The Brotherhood of Chaos©.

Please be mindful that becoming a member of the Brotherhood of Chaos is a great responsibility.

It’s great for you to introduce yourself and let us know of your interest in performing. Please be mindful that on a given night anywhere from 3 to 10 people will ask how they can become involved, and many of them have never seen the show before that night.

Foss casts the show. He’s the one you talk to if you have questions. However show nights are rarely the time to talk about casting. Best thing to do is contact him by completeing the entire questionnaire found below and finding him on Facebook.

The best way to become involved is show up and pay your dues by being a supportive audience member first. Once you’ve been to the show for about 6 or 7 months the cast will see and know you. That’s the best time to come forward and tell us of your interest.

But be mindful, that we may not have a postion open when you apply. The theater allows us a very limited number of cast admissions.

Before you apply, read our guidelines and our casting call notes. Make sure, before you apply, that you understand what will be asked of you if you do choose to attempt to become a performer.

Guidelines of the Brotherhood of Chaos

  • You must have passion for The Show and for Rocky.

  • Chaos gets 25-26 shows a year. We must make them count.

  • Keep your commitments you make to the cast. This is a live professional show and we rely on each person in the show to be there to do their individual job. Members of the Brotherhood of Chaos respect their audience, each other and the theatre.

  • Make yourself available for rehearsals. Once you get established as a performer, we have less rehearsals but at first you’ll need to get trained. Do your homework. Know your character. Know what motivates your character.

  • Keep show days unencumbered by other engagements. Make every show unless you are dead or dying or have been dead and are just now coming back. Do not miss shows. If you miss a show in the first 6 months you will not be allowed to remain a member of the Brotherhood of Chaos. If you must miss, you notify the Royal Exalted Show Director as early as possible to avoid impacting the show.

  • Speaking of making shows, you must have your own transportation and not rely on someone else to get you to the theater. You must be dependable.

  • Be a good person. Seriously. Leave your drama at home.

  • Members are required to gather and create their own costumes. The Brotherhood of Chaos will not buy you underwear. You will meet with the Royal Exalted Show Director and discuss your costume/make up and your plans to create it. Costumes need to come together quickly.

  • Participate in things outside of the show. Help with promotions and other items. Volunteer without being asked.

  • Help make the show better. Take direction / constructive criticism. Grow in the character. Keep bringing new things to the plate.

  • You shall not be annoying. Sadly the annoying people never realize they are annoying so this guideline is pretty fucking useless. But seriously. If we only just met you and you’re already trying to stand at the front of our theater like you’re one of us or you're demanding we buy you a beer, you’re not going to get invited to the Brotherhood of Chaos.

Casting Call

This production is working towards a more cabaret version of Rocky with interaction between the cast and audience.

All positions unless noted otherwise should have the following attributes: Funny, engaging, and witty. Ability to improv and dance a must. Performers should be at least 18 years of age.


  • Franknfurter: Men/women in good physical shape. A engaging flamboyant personality that can cross the threshold between genders and be comfortable doing it. A team player with charisma both on and off the stage. A quick mind with a quick wit. Of course a dancer and skilled at make-up. Must be willing to create their own Frank outside of the Tim Curry prototype. A rock star. Able to walk in high heels a must.

  • Brad: Male/Female in good masculine physical shape. The straight man to the jokes but with great comic timing. All American look.

  • Janet: Male/Female in good feminine physical shape. Hot is ideal. Think librarian that once she takes her glasses off is smoking hot kind of hot.

  • Riff Raff: Men/Women Mid 20’s to 50’s – You must be unique in this role. A combination of Igor and Iggy Pop. Female Riff Raff's should think Patty Smith. Punk. Rock. Metal. This role can be dark and moody or played for comedy. But think about it, Riff goes from Faithful Handyman to Mass Killer in an hour and half.

  • Magenta: Must be in good physical shape. This role can be dark and moody or played for comedy. Be excellent with makeup and able to walk in heels. The show Vamp. Sexy as fuck.

  • Columbia: Must be in good physical shape. Size 2 or 3. Must not be afraid to be thrown in the air. Columbia must be loud and fun. Could be played clueless but loud and obnoxious is fun as well.

  • Rocky: Men/women in excellent physical shape. The sex symbol. The Frankenstein monster / Icon the movie wraps around.

  • Eddie: Men/women in anything to excellent physical shape to just terrible shape. You have 3 minutes, 3 seconds to put everything into your scene. Make it worth it. Eddie is the cocaine bump in the middle of the show. The white stuff in the Oreo cookie.

  • Dr. Scott: Men/women in anything to excellent physical shape to just terrible shape.

  • Trixie: Men/women in excellent physical shape. Must be willing to choreograph a very slow song and make it exciting. I cannot stress this enough, you should be in pretty good shape or be unique to play this character.

  • Show runners: Help us by getting us dressed and cleaning up after us. It's a terrible job and thankless. God help the people that want this job.

  • Lighting Person: You run the followspot or lightboard. You light the show. You make us look good. Looking for someone to help us design the lighting effects.
We have the following openings.....

The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos is currently seeking a ......

Magenta: Must be in good physical shape. This role can be dark and moody or played for comedy. Be excellent with makeup and able to walk in heels. The show Vamp. Sexy as fuck. Outgoing and strong improv skills a plus.

Must be team player and have positive outlook on life.

We have no other opennings at this time.

We are also now looking for Transylvanians: The SISTERS OF CHAOS. Read more information here.

I'm ready to apply!
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